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If you are going to set up a small local business, you will have to deal with the bureaucracy, buy furniture, renovate, hire staff, pay rent, etc.


Another huge advantage of ecommerce is the fact that it can be accessed from anywhere by a customer. If a person is at home watching TV and checking the news on Facebook, they can come across an ad and buy from you within minutes.

This is unthinkable in physical retail, which often takes consumers hours whenever they decide to buy something.

Through platforms such as Google Analytics or Facebook Ads itself, you can find out which ads are generating more visits to your website, which convert more, how many people are arriving organically in the store, etc.

Studying your metrics you have the chance to sell more and optimize your results, saving a lot of money with it.


Those who work in e-commerce also have greater comfort in relation to entrepreneurs who bet on physical stores. With an online-oriented operation, the business is often run from the entrepreneur’s own home.


With a lower operating cost, e-commerce manages to reach a lower final price for the consumer.


Greater variety of products means more sales. Selling with on-demand inventory in partnership with its suppliers, the e-commerce entrepreneur is often able to take great advantage of the number of products offered.

It all consists of a simple logic: if you don’t need to keep your products in stock, more and more items tend to be offered to the public.

Did you make the sale? Order the product from the supplier. It works very simply — the logic is completely based on the Long Tail concept.


Once on the internet, it is very easy to study competitors and consumers. You can detect the competition’s results, their best selling products, the most frequently asked questions among consumers, their habits, etc.


The power of reach of a physical business is usually municipal or regional. Instead of selling only to your city, in e-commerce you do business with all of Brazil, a country with more than 200 million inhabitants.

See the advantages of a landing page for your business.


When we want to set up a business, we want it for yesterday. The sooner we can “get our hands dirty”, the better.

The problem is that, in physical businesses, there are bureaucratic issues, reforms to be made, loans, furniture purchases, etc.


Among the great advantages of e-commerce, wide availability is one of the most striking. Unlike a physical store, which has opening and closing times, an e-commerce is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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