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Landing pages are the pages through which users access your company’s website. They are essential because they have a higher conversion rate compared to other pages, ensuring greater profits for your company.

In a lead generation strategy, this type of page is created with the focus on user conversion, making them offer their contact details to your company.

Landing Page de sucesso.
Landing Page de sucesso.

What is the main purpose of a landing page?

The main thing for the success of a landing page is to be direct. They should display only the essential information for converting your visitor.

Therefore, you should simplify the information, making it easier for your users to read. The form is essential for a good landing page, as it is through it that your company will obtain the contact details of your leads.

Importance of the landing page in your e-commerce.

The main benefit of the landing page for your e-commerce is that it will be your full-time salesperson, exposing products, distributing information, providing options, models, colors, among many other things.

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