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The security certificate (Secure Socket Layer) was developed to guarantee the authenticity of the page you are browsing and how your data will be handled within it.

Its main objective is to encrypt all data that is moved within the browser/site/ and ensure that there are no changes, deviations, deletions, etc. through malicious attitudes developed by malicious people (criminals).

Seu site totalmente seguro.
Seu site totalmente seguro.

Also ensure that it is only decrypted on the destination server.

When entering your data in a virtual store or form, the SSL certificate guarantees to make this data readable, and encrypted codes are generated, which can only be decrypted on the destination server, where this data will be processed.

Key benefits SSL certificate for my website?

  • Domain Authenticity: Proves that you are really accessing the website you are viewing;
  • Encryption: Ensures that data transmitted in operations cannot be read before being decrypted.
  • Option for customers: currently many online platforms only work correctly using https protocols;
  • Differential: in relation to the global level, an unsatisfactory number of sites have an SSL certificate, a scenario that tends to change.
  • Ranking in search engines: It is clear and widely known that search engines tend to give priority to sites with SSL certificates.
  • Security for the customer and the owner: as already repeated countless times about digital security, the certificate brings conscious security and peace of mind to the user when making a purchase.

Sites with SSL certificates can be verified through the browser itself.

Sites com certificados SSL podem ser verificados através do próprio browser.
Sites com certificados SSL podem ser verificados através do próprio browser.

Why do I need SSL?

  • Competitive advantage because it becomes a trusted and legitimate site;
  • Offer guarantee to its customers that their data will not be tampered with;
  • Ensure that your consumers’ important data travels safely;
  • Improve the organic positioning of your website in searches.
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